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About Lockstep Systems

Main Office Number:  1-480-596-9432

Toll-Free Number (USA only):  1-877-932-3497

Main Fax Number:  1-480-596-9195 (fax)

Special note about contacting us by phone - It never fails, we go through periods of everybody trying to call at once, and then no one calls and we are lonely. Should you call and leave a voice mail message for us, please speak slowly!  And it is always a good idea to repeat your phone number twice.

We want to call you back, but if you call from a cell phone and the connection cuts in and out while you are leaving your phone number, we often find that we cannot decipher your phone number and therefore cannot return your call.  If we have not called you back within 1 business day, call us again or send an email with your phone number with a couple of suggestions of when it would be good for us to call you back. Or, send an email with your questions so we can respond right away. Email is great because we can respond to you without getting stuck playing phone tag.

General & Sales Inquiries:

Mailing Address:  Lockstep Systems, Inc.
                                 P.O. Box 4662
                                 Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA

About Lockstep Systems, Inc.:
Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held software development and marketing company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the backup software now known as Computer Associates' BrightStor Mobile Backup and the document conversion technology known as Mastersoft's Word For Word, acquired by Adobe Systems.  We have been installing, using and maintaining small company network infrastructure and software in use at small businesses for more than two decades.

Lockstep currently markets two products -

  • Backup for Workgroups - The most comprehensive, client/server backup and disaster recovery software program for Windows servers, workstations and laptops available on the market today at the sub $500 level. Originally designed for the needs of small-to-midsize businesses, Backup for Workgroups provides enterprise-class backup and restore features traditionally found in more expensive backup solutions - in an easy to install, use and maintain program available at an affordable price. Backup for Workgroups was first released in 2003 and is now installed in tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. 
  • IGetMail - This popular, highly reliable, easy to use POP3 email downloader, forwards POP3 email from multiple remote servers to Exchange as fast as every 20 seconds.  IGetMail is in use on thousands of Exchange Servers worldwide, downloading millions of pieces of mail every day.







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AntiVirus & AntiSpam Exchange Server 2013
Exchange Server 2010
Exchange Server 2007
Exchange Server 2003
Exchange Server 2000
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Runs on any Windows Server that can run Exchange Server


$129 USD for license to download email from multiple POP3 servers to your local Exchange Server or SMTP Server


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