IGetMail Automatically Downloads email and forwards your email to your Exchange Server or remote SMTP Server

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IGetMail - Retail Software License

Downloads remote POP3 email to one local Exchange Server (SMTP Server).  Each IGetMail license can be installed on one (1) computer only.

$  129.00
IGetMail - Upgrade Software License

If you purchased a license or upgrade of IGetMail prior to version 5.0 you will need to purchase an Upgrade Software License.

  • If you do not remember when you purchased your IGetMail license key, download and run the current IGetMail Setup program and it will tell you if you need to purchase an upgrade license. 

  • Or, email sales@lockstep.com and we can look this information up for you.

$  99.00


Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)


Download the software from IGetMail.com and receive your License Number via email after your order is processed.  NOTE:  All orders are processed by Lockstep in Arizona USA during regular business.  Please allow extra time to receive your License Number if your order is placed after hours or on a weekend.


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Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use IGetMail software to download their email from remote Servers!  You can too!

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