IGetMail Automatically Downloads email and forwards your email to your Exchange Server or remote SMTP Server

IGetMail - Program Screen Shots

IGetMail Version 4 and 5 Main Panels

Do you want to look at IGetMail's main panels?  Take a quick look at them here.  We have created this page so you can look at the main panels and the preference options at a glance.  We invite you to use the links to look at each panel and a description of what you can do on each for more information.

IGetMail's Preferences

Take a quick look at the options available in IGetMail from the Tools > Preferences menu.

The IGetMail Accounts Panel

Use the Accounts Panel to manage your POP Accounts and Exchange Server.  You can also monitor the real time activity as IGetMail pulls your email from the remote email servers and sends it to your Exchange Server for distribution to the appropriate recipients.

Watch IGetMail deliver your POP3 email to your Exchange Server in real-time!

The IGetMail Downloaded Email Panel

Review the email that IGetMail has downloaded in the Downloaded Email Panel.  And, if needed, you can redeliver the mail too.

The Downloaded Email Panel shows you recently downloaded email that you can redeliver to your Exchange Server.

The IGetMail Rules Panel

Use the Rules Panel to add, modify, or delete rules that you want IGetMail to apply to the downloading and processing of your email.

Review the email Rules you have established for IGetMail to follow to aid in the delivery of your POP3 email.

The IGetMail Message Log Panel

The Message Log shows you recent activity that IGetMail has performed.

View the recent email downloading activities performed by IGetMail from the Message Log.


Review the schedules that IGetMail is following to download your email.

IGetMail checks for new POP3 email to download according to the time schedules you define.

Add Schedule

Here's the dialog that you use to set up a new download schedule in IGetMail.

Define a new Schedule for IGetMail to follow to check for new incoming POP3 email.


Make sure IGetMail can send you program notifications on the Notifications dialog.

Use the Notifications option to receive program messages from IGetMail.

Message Retention

Specify the number of days that IGetMail will hold a copy of your messages.

IGetMail temporarily stores a copy of email downloaded from POP3 servers for a number of days that you specify.

Concurrent Downloads

Specify the number of servers that IGetMail will concurrently download your email from at one time.

IGetMail downloads email from multiple POP3 servers concurrently.

Delivery Rate

Specify the number of messages that IGetMail will deliver to your Exchange Server per connection.

Specify the number of POP3 emails that IGetMail will deliver to your Exchange Server per connection.

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Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use IGetMail software to download their email from remote Servers!  You can too!

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