IGetMail Automatically Downloads email and forwards your email to your Exchange Server or remote SMTP Server

What's New in IGetMail Version 5.1

  • Office 365 Access using OAuth2.0 - IGetMail now supports accessing Office 365 accounts using Microsoft's implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • POP3 Access Alerts - IGetMail will now send an email if the access to the POP3 server is interrupted.  This allows you to take action to prevent delayed email delivery.  Here is an example of the email IGetMail can send you to tell you the POP3 server is not responding:

    IGetMail - POP3 Server Access Alert
    Event Time: 7/20/2021 1:08:24 AM

    POP3 Server Name POP3 User Name Date Time Comments
    pop.mail.yahoo.com YahooUserName 7/20/2021 1:08:21 AM Cannot connect to POP3 Server "pop.mail.yahoo.com".
    pop.gmail.com GMailUserName 7/20/2021 1:08:21 AM Cannot connect to POP3 Server "pop.gmail.com".

    IGetMail will send you the following when access to the POP3 server returns to normal:

    IGetMail - POP3 Server Access Alert
    Event Time: 7/20/2021 1:38:16 AM

    POP3 Server Name POP3 User Name Date Time Comments
    pop.mail.yahoo.com YahooUserName 7/20/2021 1:33:26 AM Access to the POP3 Server "pop.mail.yahoo.com" has returned to normal
    pop.gmail.com GMailUserName 7/20/2021 1:33:26 AM Access to the POP3 Server "pop.gmail.com" has returned to normal

    IGetMail can also send a shortened form of the alert email messages to your cell phone.  IGetMail sends the email message to your phone using standard email.  Click here of a list of cell phone carrier email addresses.

  • Daily Email Report - IGetMail can send you a report once a day to keep you informed of the activities IGetMail performed during the day.  Here is an example of the email report you can receive:

    IGetMail - Daily Email Report

    Report Period: Friday, July 23, 2021

    Total messages downloaded: 1550 Total messages not delivered due to rules: 167
    Total messages delivered: 1383 Total messages that could not be delivered: 0

    POP3 Account Name Total Messages Delivered Percent of Successful Logins to the POP3 Server Comments and/or Last Error Message
    lockstep@lockstep.com 1383 100 958 successful logins to the POP3 Server "YourDomain".

  • Sorting the Downloaded Email Panel - You can now sort the columns in the Downloaded Email Panel.  This allows you to sort by account.  This can be handy when looking for the status of email messages or if you need to resend a group of messages.  You can also jump to dates in the past quickly to see what messages where downloaded in the past.

All Features from Version 4 and below:

  • SSL/TLS Support IGetMail supports both SSL and TLS access to both POP3 and SMTP servers. SSL/TLS support allows IGetMail to pull email from ISPs that require secure access. Gmail no longer supports SSL and is now requiring TLS support. If you have experienced stoppages in your Gmail accounts, you will need to upgrade to IGetMail Version 4.1 because Gmail has changed.  IGetMail will try TLS version 1.2 without RSA support to adhere to the latest security best practices.  If the email server does not support TLS 1.2, IGetMail will try older versions of TLS then SSL to support older installations of email servers.
  • START TLS Support - IGetMail supports START TLS for both POP3 and SMTP (Port 587).
  • Support for Many Versions of Exchange Server IGetMail can be used with all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Leave Email at the POP3 Server You can now instruct IGetMail to leave email at your POP3 servers. Please note that while IGetMail supports this feature, some servers do not. Yahoo and Exchange fully support this feature. If you instruct IGetMail to leave your email at a Gmail account, note that Gmail will keep the email forever, so you may have to use a browser to delete the email periodically.
  • SMTP Authentication If your email server requires authenticated login, IGetMail can now log in to deliver the email.
  • Concurrent Email Download IGetMail can pull email from multiple email accounts at the same time. If one account has a large message, it will not stop the rest of your accounts from receiving their emails.
  • Duplicate Email Detection IGetMail can check for the presence of duplicate email messages and will filter out identical emails.
  • Rules You can now specify simple rules for IGetMail to use to process your messages. Rules are used to correct for extra information that ISP may insert in your email that cause non-delivery reports from being generated. You can also exclude addresses, do not deliver messages, forward messages, etc. The rules allow you to correct for routine problems that need to be corrected, but this feature is not intended to replace an anti-spam or an anti-virus solution.
  • Default Catchall Address You can specify the email address that should receive email messages that do not contain any routing information (e.g., emails that do not contain a to address).
  • Stored Email IGetMail now keeps a copy of the recently downloaded and forwarded email messages. This feature gives you the opportunity to re-deliver messages if needed. If you make a change in your configuration information, you can tell IGetMail to re-deliver the emails using the corrected or changed configuration. This feature is best used at initial setup so that you do not lose any of your emails.
  • Schedules The scheduler has been expanded so that you can have as many schedules as you want. You can define what days and time you would like IGetMail to run.
  • Faster Downloading The new scheduler can run up to every 20 seconds to check your email. However, while IGetMail can run that quickly, we have found that some POP3 servers cannot respond this quickly, so you may need to adjust this rate based on your network and servers.
  • Delivery Rates You can set the number of messages that you want to deliver per connection to your local email server. Some servers assume that they are under attack if they receive too many emails in too short of a time span, so this is a number that you may need to adjust to best fit your network.
  • Message Logs You can see recent events that IGetMail has performed in the Message Logs.
  • New User Interface Version 2.0 of IGetMail had a wizard-based User Interface.  IGetMail 3.0 and higher has a full user interface, allowing you to see the tasks that IGetMail performs as it pulls your email messages to your primary account.


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