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IGetMail - Scheduling FAQs


Q:  How fast can IGetMail download my email?

A:  IGetMail can check for email as fast as every 20 seconds.  Note that some email servers may not respond as fast and you may need to change the download rate accordingly.

Q:  Does IGetMail come with any predefined schedules?

A:  Yes.  IGetMail comes with 3 predefined schedules to follow in order to download your email.  The predefined schedules check for mail as described below:

  • Check for email every 5 minutes, all day long, Monday thru Friday.
  • Check for email once a minute, from 8am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday.
  • Check for email every 15 minutes, all day long, on Saturday and Sunday only.

Note that 2 of the above schedules overlap each other.  If you define overlapping schedules, the net effect of the 2 schedules is implemented.  For example, during 8am to 6pm, one schedule runs every minute and another schedule runs every 5 minutes.  The combined effect of these 2 schedules yields a schedule check every minute.

Q:  Can I change or delete a predefined schedule?

A:  Yes.  To change a predefined schedule, select the line item from the Schedule list and press the Modify Schedule button. You can also delete a schedule by selecting the line item from the Schedule list and pressing the Remove Schedule button.

Q:  How do I define a new schedule?

A:  Follow the steps below to create a new schedule:

  1. Run IGetMail.
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Schedule.
  3. On the Define Download Schedule dialog, enter the desired download rate, the time range for performing the downloads, and the days of the week on which this schedule should run.
  4. Press OK.

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